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We have worked in IT industry for dozens of years. The beginning of our activity is the end of 2000, when we started programming work as phisical entity within business activity. Since that time we have created software for private needs and we collaborate with big company.

We are a team of professionals who specializing in creating dedicated systems for businesses. We design and implement solutions, which in best way carry out clients requirements. Experience in projects in different size and complicated level allows us to choose the right tool for needs.

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TradeAssistant is a software that supports the work of sales representatives and sales managers, is an electronic assistant that is at your disposal. We have created a structure that organizes the work and we put it in the cloud so you could have access into current activities whenever you need it. We know it’s important.

TradeAssistant has been divided into individual modules such as calendar, tasks, contractors, products, offers and reports. This allows you to easily enter information into the system, which ultimately generates the various stages of work, in many fields. You will easily embrace the whole! Characteristic colors that belong to a particular software function will hel in this.

Software developer: Our task was to create easy-to-use software, that will quickly generate the information you need. It was important to create an open system on new features for the individual needs of sales representatives.



Optimize your work time effectively. Plan your tasks and order their implementations.



Specify the time needed to execute each instructions.



Create records of clients with whom you are planning to meet and whom you plan to call.



Have access, at any time, to the current stock level.



Create offers, having regard to the needs of your customers and your own sales proposition.



Generate a report of activity and efficiency. Build your own strategy on it.

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