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Our client is eInspire, company specialize in human resources and payroll processes. The created website for eInspire is a typical business card page.

The purpose of the website design was to present basic information about the company in an attractive and transparent manner.

The site is so-called “One page” which means this is single page without tabs. All content is located only on one page. You can navigate by manually scrolling through the site or using the menu on the left. By selecting a menu item, the page automatically scrolls to the selected location. Another helpful tool in navigation is the button in the bottom right corner. When pressed site back to the very beginning.

Of course, not missed mandatory elements such as Google map location, basic company data and contact form.

In addition, our graphics designer created dedicated for the company logo.

The implementation was very nice and smooth. Our client was very determined and he knew exactly how the site should look like.

The customer specified the layout of the site and provided all the necessary graphics.

Participants in the project: web developer, graphic designer, project manager.

Platform used: CMS WordPress system

Price of the site: 1500 zł net

Working time: 3 days