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We gathered below for your answers to the questions that they can spend awake at night. What to do with the problematic software company, when an administrator does not control the situation, how to improve the system to increase efficiency. We took care of a clear explanation of issues. Knowing about your individual needs, we launched a phone number at which you will get the information you need. We encourage you to contact our specialists.

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Has gave in notice the only developer who has taken care of the application or written your system or the company that supports it failed to fulfill its obligations?

Call us and get rid of the trouble. We provide comprehensive take over and maintenance of existing systems under very adventageous conditions. Before signing the contract, you will receive reliable information about the actual state of your system and you will decide what to do next.

You start the start-up and do not know whether the software is needed?

Contact us and we will try to help. Maybe we will find you a ready system that will meet your expectations, or maybe talk will let you look at your business from a different perspective, saving your time and money. We will try to dispel your doubts about the cost or selection of the contractor.

You need software but you do not know where to start?

It’s not a problem – we know. Very often, customers with no experience in the IT industry are unaware of the complexity of the software development process and the consequences of their actions, and when choosing the wrong partner they bear unnecessary costs. We always offer help and explain the doubts in a manner accessible to the client. We work for you.

You do not have a website?

No problem, call or write, and we will prepare the project according to your expectations. We will offer you some concept of carefully listening to your suggestions. You choose, we do.

Do you have a problem with your software? Maybe you have enough and you think you have to do with him order once and for all?

We know from experience that the exchange of software to a whole new, very rarely eliminates all the problems and must be preceded by a thorough analysis. Contact us and we will offer the best solution for you – if possible, it will repair your program, and if not – we will recommend a solution. Remember – it is you who make sovereign decisions and we only support you in pursuit of the goal.

Someone is writing aa application for you, but you have doubts whether it does well and earnestly? Or maybe you feel that you and the contractor it misses the meaning of your business?

Turn to us, and we will present you an accurate description of the facts on which you will be able to take further steps. Maybe you will sleep peacefully, or maybe you will react in time to the wrong direction of your developer? It is worth to trust the professionals.

How we work – creative process.

The way we work is highly dependent on task and the client’s needs, but we can provide a general, most commonly used, simplified schema (for example, when creating a new application):

  1. A series of meetings with the client that allows us to understand the specificity of his business issues and expectations
  2. Present our initial solution proposal
  3. Develop introductory solution concept and requirements which suit to both interested parties.
  4. Perform a comprehensive business analysis and prepare a customer requirement specification document
  5. Preparation of the action plan
  6. Client acceptance
  7. Start the right developing process

The competent manufacturing process is often conducted in SCRUM methodology. Very general assumptions are that in the project we have constant:

  • time
  • quality

Time and quality are invariable – time is predetermined (eg year) and quality is high. We control the range of functionality we can perform at a specific time. If the range of functionality increases, also increases the time. At a fixed and predetermined time, which usually ranges from 2 weeks to a month plan tasks for the next period called Sprint. After each sprint, the team is showing progress to the customer, who can respond to changes and keep them in the right direction. After the presentation, tasks are set for the next Sprint and the whole process is repeated.

This is obviously a very brief description, if someone is interested in expanding their knowledge about Scrum, I recommend reading professional literature.