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We create software that will accelerate the developmentdevelopment of your company

We create completestartups

Why us?

For startups

Fast MVP delivery
Digital Footprint
Graphic design and Mockups
Requirements analysis
We work with the customer - Agile
Only in 2020 we created 3 start-ups

For Companies

Dedicated software
15 years of experience
You will see what your application looks like within 7 days
Modern technologies
Fixed price / Time Fee
End to end solution


We are Infiniteprogress and build today the products you will use tomorrow.

The future of product development is HERE

Dedicated software

We create dedicated software for the client’s needs. Our many years of experience and over a dozen successfully implemented projects have resulted in the creation of a base application on the basis of which we create web applications faster and cheaper. We call this foundation InfiniteBlocks. It currently includes 25 configurable modules. Thanks to the use of ready-made flexible elements that we fully adapt to the customer, we provide the first functionalities within the first month of the project start. Our experience shows that thanks to InfiniteBlocks we reduce application costs by 40% compared to a system created from scratch.


We create startups from scratch and comprehensively. We analyze the idea, develop branding, select technologies, identify risks and suggest what to do and what not to do from the beginning. We create marketing campaigns, website, folders, business cards and even TV campaigns. Our recent startups are: Instalway, Logginly. For 3 years we have also been creating our own startup Modern technologies such as Angular and the possibility of using InfiniteBlock is a guarantee of optimal use of the budget.

Care of external systems

We currently take care of several IT systems. At the client’s request, we take over the source code of the system and take care of its broadly defined maintenance. The service includes getting acquainted with the software and making programming changes for the customer. The scope of maintenance is dependent on the customer’s needs.



Currently, Poland is one of the most popular countries allowing for quick acquisition of high quality specialists while maintaining reasonable costs. We offer both the rental of independent, professional programming teams working remotely on the project at a given time, and the possibility of hiring specific specialists.


We have over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. We have been creating solutions since the beginning of development of web applications, distributed systems, big data. Often, our external look allowed us to quickly solve crisis situations in projects.

Complete Branding

Designing complete and modern visual identity: logo, website, store, business cards. Creating promotional videos, marketing strategy and Facebook, Linked-in, Google Ads and even TV commercials.

Our clients

Powered by specialists

Experience, flexibility, commitment


over 20 years of experience


great theoretical skills and practical experience


ISTBQ certificates, automatic tests


Robust hardware and software back-up


We select technologies for a specific project. We have implemented the most projects in Java, Spring, Angular.

We migrate legacy applications

We have over 20 years of experience in web technologies, thanks to which we know technologies that are already being replaced by newer solutions. Do you have applications written in: Struts, JSF, PrimeFaces, Vaadin, GWT? We will help you smoothly transfer them to e.g. Angular.

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